Tuesday, August 3, 2010

101 in 1001: Month 1 progress report (July 2010)

1001 days equals approximately 33 months, so each month would be just over an inch on a yardstick.
 So I've probably reached about here:
I have completed a number of entries on my list!
  2.   Finish sorting and organizing sewing room (7/9/10)
  4.   Organize 3rd floor sufficiently for a bedroom (7/21/10)
19.   Have chimney flue relined (7/9/10)
32.   Monitor mortgage interest rates...  (Papers submitted 7/31/10)
65.   Catch up on birthday blocks  (7/10/10)
100. Learn to add photos to a blog; do it (7/14/10)

Really feels good to have SIX items completed -- all in one month. 

A few are partially completed:
12.   Finish small things around house (About half are finished)
23.   Balanced & closed old checking account
            (Still need to enter data & balance new checking account)
79.   Bought "jelly roll" (Will make a quilt top later)

And a number are in progress:
1.   Catch up on newspapers (Less than 3 weeks behind now)
5.   Empty storage space (Made 3 trips in July)
6.   Organize basement.  (Missed just one week of 2-hr shifts)
7.   Get rid of one thing a day (Ahead on this!)
    Categories:   Fabric                             Food                        Clothing
                        Books                             Household               Craft-y stuff
A few things were given away to individuals or organizations, some was discarded, the majority was set aside for charity pick-up at the end of this week. 
  8.   Get Besta cabinets at Ikea (Bought, but not yet assembled)
29.   Get divorced... (Met with H and he reports he has started paperwork)
33.   Attend M. College "Family Weekend" every year
            (Made hotel reservations for fall 2010)
36.   Resume taking vitamins (Not yet daily but more frequently)
43.   Attend last A. University "Family Weekend" (Bought train ticket)
48.   Watched 6 movies (6/125):                Where the heart is     
                Ferris Bueller's day off
                The Player
                The Wedding planner
                Definitely, maybe
                While you were sleeping
                The Curious case of Benjamin Button
49. Finished 1 book (1/60):
            A Place of hiding -- Elizabeth George (owned)
66/67/68.  Worked on 3 baby quilts (All ready to be machine quilted)
69.   Started C.B.'s quilt (1 of 4 panels done)
84.   Increase monthly contributions
            July: Unicef        
86.    Donate no-longer-wanted fabric to ASHS
            (Cleaned out stash; emailed advisor at ASHS)
99.    Update blog with progress (Here it is!)
101.  Add at least one blog post a month (Posted 5 times in July)

I'm finding that the process of having the goals helps me to prioritize the use of my time.  The one category I see that I didn't address at all was  "RECREATION", but most of those require more planning and setting aside at least a day.   Considering there are 12 items and I'm only one month into this, I'm not concerned.  However, I've realized that my "goal dates" for a few of the items were too ambitious, so I've already missed some.  But I will get the storage space cleaned out on deadline because I don't want to lay out any more money for the rent!

The most perplexing is the daily "de-cluttering".  I can't really count every single thing or I'd have 6 months at a time when I put out several boxes and bags for charity pickup.  Not the purpose.  But I do have a count of "surplus" from the days when I have 8 totally different items -- figuring this will even out for days when nothing I do really lends itself to getting rid of anything.    I think it's working for me -- and that's all that really matters!

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  1. You know what is funny, when I saw RECREATION on your blog, I read it as re-creation. I don't know why. But that is what you are doing. Re-creating. Re-creating your life, your priorities, your self. You go girl.


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