Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Finishes, actually.  Just late in posting.   Hand quilted baby quilt.  Recipient to be named at a later date.

This "mystery quilt" turned out to be "just right" as a wedding gift for someone who has been an important part of D#2's recovery.  

She and her new husband loved it!   Don'tcha feel good when someone truly appreciates the gift of a quilt??

Saturday, November 10, 2012

W.O.W. -- White Oak Weekend: October 2012

A fine time was had by all.  No surprise there.  I'll be a woman of few words (for a change), since a picture is supposed to be worth a thousand of them.

Pat  was making a classic triple Irish chain in an up-to-date modern color palette:

Kathy put together another of the "sniper" quilts she is making for her Marine son and his platoon.  They are all solid red and solid white, each using a different pattern.   This churn dash made some of us see secondary patterns, which, oddly, are not so clear in the photo.

Nancy put together and bordered a queen-size quilt in blue batiks and white.

Our favorite over-achiever, Ruth, had several projects with her, including a good sized string-quilt and a small hand-pieced wall hanging.

Though I managed to get the first border on the main top of the Quilt from Hell, I discovered problems with the pieced border I was planning.  First, I was short of the two fabrics I had wanted to use, and, second, to use the background I chose, I would need to redesign the entire method of making it.   Forgot to take photos and am still struggling with what to do.   /complaining

I had brought with me twelve "pointless wonder" star blocks for another project destined for someone who has been very supportive during the past few years.  Got the blocks laid out and sashed, ready for a border.  Didn't like any of the possibles I brought with me, though.   (This seemed to be the retreat without borders for me!)

Saved the best for last.  Our dear Judy, was assembling some swap blocks of "cool" batik sawtooth stars on white using a setting that made small stars in the sashing.  The picture does not approach doing it justice.  It is an absolute STUNNER!  Lucky bride and groom who will receive it as a wedding gift!

As usual, I didn't take photos of a number of other projects. But, also as usual, we laughed, we sang, we danced.    These retreats are always a place to share, and to show we care.  I am blessed to have these opportunities to do so.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Progress update: month 28 (October 2012)

No completions this month.

7,26,28,33,99,101. Kept up to date. 
48. Saw 8 movies:
     Chaos and cadavers
     Miss Pettigrew lives for a day
     Argo (theatre)
     Sports night (TV; only one season)
     The Town
     The good shepherd
49. Read 3 books:
      Songs for the missing (Stewart O'Nan)
      The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street (Helene Hanff)
      Things fall apart (Chinua Achebe) [audio]
72. Started quilt for D#2's room 
93. Volunteered at Hiway
Extra quilts: finished hand quilting baby quilt; finished main top of PW quilt; finished mystery quilt as wedding gift (to be delivered in November)

Priorities for November:
6/7/9. Work in basement; declutter books & stuff.
30. Finish writing will; have it witnessed.
71. Finish t-shirt quilt top for D#1.
72. Finish quilt for D#2's new room.
80. Finish work on quilt photo albums. 

Progress report: Month 6 (October 2019)

1. ... basement -- Continued work on/in it 2. ... sort/discard -- Discarded/gave away 22 5. ... Clean & reorganize garage &...