Sunday, November 4, 2012

Progress update: month 28 (October 2012)

No completions this month.

7,26,28,33,99,101. Kept up to date. 
48. Saw 8 movies:
     Chaos and cadavers
     Miss Pettigrew lives for a day
     Argo (theatre)
     Sports night (TV; only one season)
     The Town
     The good shepherd
49. Read 3 books:
      Songs for the missing (Stewart O'Nan)
      The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street (Helene Hanff)
      Things fall apart (Chinua Achebe) [audio]
72. Started quilt for D#2's room 
93. Volunteered at Hiway
Extra quilts: finished hand quilting baby quilt; finished main top of PW quilt; finished mystery quilt as wedding gift (to be delivered in November)

Priorities for November:
6/7/9. Work in basement; declutter books & stuff.
30. Finish writing will; have it witnessed.
71. Finish t-shirt quilt top for D#1.
72. Finish quilt for D#2's new room.
80. Finish work on quilt photo albums. 

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