Thursday, January 3, 2013

... has got up and went.

I've lost my "get up and go."  Anybody know where I might have left it?

I suspect it's a case of post-holiday, post-vacation, post-you-name-it letdown, complicated by my being sick with a major case of British bronchitis.  Doctor prescribed steroids (couldn't talk her out of it) which always make me feel terrible, even if they are making me better.   I have no energy for anything, except eating, but the food doesn't taste right because of the drugs.  Can't win.  Had car trouble on Monday, and retrieved Violet just today, so I've had to rely on friends from rides to and from work, which always makes me feel like a burden.  Don't feel like doing anything except killing time on the computer (Cubis 2) or watching DVDs or TV.   Serious case of the blahs.  Whine, whine, whine.

The quilt project that I'm stuck on is the t-shirt quilt for D#1.  The top is a.l.m.o.s.t -- but not quite -- finished.   This has been a labor of love, with the emphasis on "labor".  Not content with the standard form of a consistently sized block, I put together assorted pieces of shirts ranging from about 4" square to 12" square, along with many different rectangles, squaring them out into blocks I could then arrange into larger chunks. You'd think that with it all assembled into 3 main strips, lacking only sashing to join them, that I could get my act in gear to finish, wouldn't you?  You'd be wrong.  Here's what it looked like a few steps ago:

D#2 returns to the states tomorrow and we're planning to visit family in York on Saturday, staying over until Sunday.  Maybe her being home will give me a jolt of energy or motivation. 

Suggestions welcome.

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