Monday, September 30, 2019

Quilty doings

In a post last May, I showed my completed 2018 quilts: three for weddings and five as "good-bye" gifts for co-workers.

Since then, I've finished (finally) a quilt for my own bed.  The top for this was completed (or so I thought) over a year ago, but after looking at a photo I'd taken, I discovered that several blocks were sewn together wrong!   Funny how seeing something through a lens can draw your attention to details that you miss when you look directly at it.  So I had the tedious task of taking apart the mis-aligned blocks and re-sewing the seams correctly.  Not fun when you're manipulating a queen-size quilt top!  Came out nicely, though, if I do say so myself.  Now to make the matching curtains from the patterned iris fabric.  

A couple of odd blocks made from scraps made a cheery and useful comfort/healing baby quilt, I think.  Quilted this one myself.  

Also quilted this variation on what I call my "SIBQ" -- Standard Issue Baby Quilt, which is always made of 1930's reproductions and white, usually alternating 9-patches and plain blocks, but this one is a little different.  It was shipped to California for the first grandchild of a friend there.  

I have a couple throw-size projects in the works, but mostly, in the near future, I want to concentrate on finishing up about half a dozen smaller, mostly scrap quilts, that would be suitable for baby quilts and that I can machine quilt myself.   Watch this space. 

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