Saturday, July 3, 2010

"Stuff" goes out... "stuff" comes in (oops...)

One of my big goals (#7) is to de-clutter/de-junk my house, even it's one piece at a time, one day at a time.  What I didn't think about is stuff coming in!   Not talking consumables or needed household items here -- groceries, curtain rods, etc. -- but More Stuff.   

In the separation, I "lost" the pan used to hard-boil eggs and none of what I have left will work well, so (being frugal), I set off for the local thrift store to find an egg-boiling pan.  Found one quickly for the perfect sum of $3.  That's when the trouble began.  

Right there, in the same place, was a covered plastic thermos-type bowl in Harvest Gold for only $2!   Since the kitchen in my new house is completely 60's colors: Avocado Green and Burnt Orange, I was missing only Harvest Gold to complete the triumvirate of cutting-edge colors of that decade.  Into the egg-boiling pan it went.  I'm still not sure what it is exactly, other than Harvest Gold.  Behind me, in that small room, was another shelf was a sugarbowl/creamer set in silver [plate, I presume] -- just the ticket to complement the butterdish and gravy boat I already have in this pseudo-silver -- $2 for the set.   Into the Harvest Gold thingy.

The fun was just beginning.   I found a lovely little paste-board box in an odd shape and pretty paisley-like pattern.  Apparently a jewelry box, it had a center divider for several rings and sections on each side for bracelets, necklaces, etc.   I'm a sucker for pretty boxes, and at just 50 cents, how could I go wrong?   My final error was to duck into the electronics room to price television sets for when I start working on # 35 and obtain an exercise bike and a TV to watch DVDs while I exercise in my basement. (I always think ahead, sometimes way ahead.) Thought that this might be a good place to start my shopping when the time comes.  Unfortunately, I walked past the DVDs on the way out.   Before I knew it, 4 DVDs (at $3 each) had found their way into my arms.  One is a replacement of a VHS tape that we watch repeatedly, one a classic musical, another a brand-new copy of an older rom-com/time travel film I've always wanted to see, and the last a "small" film with a well-known director and some actors I like a lot.  

Total cost: just over $20 -- could have bought a new egg-cooking pan for that!       

But now my dilemma is: how many more things do I need to get rid of to equalize the in/out equation?  Not counting the egg-boiling pan and the one DVD that will replace the VHS, since one was a needed household item and the other an even-up. So there's the box, and 3 DVDs but does the sugar bowl/creamer set count as one or two?   Guess I'll go for 6 in addition to the one daily divestment. 

Next decision will be what to do about the quilt fabric, the book and 2 CDs I bought online.  They aren't here yet, so, like Scarlett O'Hara, "I'll think about that tomorrow."        

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