Monday, October 4, 2010

Progress report: month 3 (September 2010)

86. Donate extra fabric to ASHS (9/15)
98. Learn to upload photos and print out selections (9/20)  Received first order of prints!

Small steps this month:
29. Get divorced -- Finalizing legal property settlement; have papers to start DIY divorce
35. Purchase stationary bike & cheap television for basement -- Bought cheap TV at local thrift shop
52. Go to shore for at least a day each summer -- Went to AC for a few hours a couple of weekends ago
65. Catch up on birthday blocks and keep caught up -- Sent last 2 for 2010 out on 9/24
66. Make baby quilt for Mr. S's daughter -- Quilted and ready to sew binding on
68. Make baby quilt for A.M.'s granddaughter -- Quilted, binding on, needs label and photo
83. Have a house blessing ceremony -- Scheduled for 10/16; printed invitations
84. Sent contribution to Habitat for Humanity
101. Write and add at least one blog post a month -- Posted 3 plus update

48 Watched movies (23/125)
     Magdalene sisters
     Time-traveller's wife
     Fierce creatures
     Pushing daisies (TV -- season 1)
     In the bedroom
     Pretty in pink
     My cousin Vinny
     Pay it forward   (a badly edited TV version; reserved DVD at library)
49 Read 1 book (5/60, 4/30, 1/10)
     Nick & Nora's infinite playlist

In October, I should be able to finish the two baby quilts I've been working on and pick up some other quilting.  Have to get back to basement clearing/cleaning and keep going on financial/legal paperwork.

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