Friday, September 24, 2010

My personal Netflix

I have been toying with the idea of joining Netflix.    There are a lot of movies I missed over the years and would like to see.   There are also some more recent television shows that I've heard raves about but haven't seen -- either they are off the air already or several seasons in.   All good reasons to consider Netflix.

However, I have found a personal alternative.  True, the DVDs aren't delivered to my mailbox -- I have to pick them up a couple of blocks away.  I may also have to consider something that's not my number 1 choice at the time.  But, for one week anyway, I can have up to 5 titles at no cost.  

My "Netflix"?   My public library system.   Through my online account, I can create and keep lists of titles that I want to borrow.  I can check the availability and place a reserve on what I want to see next.   There are 4 local libraries within minutes of my home or office, and, if they are the owning library, I can pick them up that day.  Otherwise, I can request that they be shipped to my local library and I can get them the next.  So far, out of a list of several dozen titles I've amassed, there has been only one that is not owned somewhere in the county.  

I'm not ruling out the red envelope entirely.  But for now, I am satisfied to live with my $0 per month alternative.

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