Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Progress report: month 6 (December 2010)

  1. Catch up on newspapers. (12/10/10)
31. Get insurance ... separated from x2b. (12/31/10)
39. Cut and mail senior pictures of both D#1 & D#2 (12/15/10)
40. Write catch-up letter to distant friends before Christmas. (12/15/10)
66. Finish baby quilt for Mr. S's daughter. (12/7/10)
67. Finish baby quilt for Mrs. M's son. (12/31/10)

In process:
48. A LOT of movies watched - most with daughters home for break (43/125):
      A Time to kill
      Elmer Gantry
      A Girl Thing
      The Messenger
      Melinda and Melinda
      As good as it gets
      Hanging on
      And the band played on
      Inglorious basterds
      Nanny McPhee
      Guys ‘n’ divas
      Rumor has it
49. Read a number of books - most with little content:
             (18/60 total, 13/30 owned, 4/10 library)
      When the glass slipper doesn’t fit (Cloninger & Worley)
      Sleeping beauty, memorial photography in America (Burns)
      The Advent conspiracy (McKinley, Holder, Seay)
      She’s come undone (Lamb)
      Christmas jars (Wright)
      Skipping Christmas (Grisham)
99. Updated blog with progress report. (6/6)
101.  Added (not much writing) one additional blog post. (6/6)

29. Steps made toward divorce.
41. More driving practice with D#2; she will take test this week.
69. Quilt for CB: only needs borders and quilting.
74. Quilt for sponsored child: only needs borders and quilting.
84. Extra charitable contribution made to ELCA hunger appeal.

Priorities for January:
27-31. Financial and legal paperwork.
            Highly desirable:
69. Finish top for CB's quilt and send for quilting.
74. Finish top for sponsored child's quilt and send for quilting.
93. Begin chosen volunteer project.

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