Sunday, May 22, 2011

Left behind?

I had missed going to church the past two Sundays.  Two weeks ago, I was in DC with D#1, after her graduation, getting ready to move her home.  Last week I had just repeated the process with D#2 and, quite honestly, I was beat!   Since I will, once again, be driving a young person some distance this afternoon, I wanted to be sure to get to the early service at 8:00 so I could finish getting ready for that trip.

Though still a little tired from a week of re-arranging my no-longer-living-alone life, I dragged myself out of bed, did essential morning ablutions, and drove the 5 minutes to St. Paul's (not the picture above).  When I arrived (a few minutes late), there was just one car in the parking lot!  Thoughts ran together: "It IS Sunday, isn't it?", "Was there a picnic service today?".... and.... ultimately a chuckling voice said, "Guess they were all Raptured yesterday."

Of course, the answer was simple.  I had missed an email that today was the start of our summer schedule with one service beginning at 9:30.   But the timing -- and resulting coincidence -- was too good NOT to share!

1 comment:

  1. At least there weren't empty choir robes scattered about the parking lot.....


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