Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Progress report: month 25 (July2012)

(Above in honor of the Olympics -- which I haven't even watched!)

Progress on a few new and different goals this month!

24. Trellis & clematis planted by front porch
     [replacement home improvement goal]
47. Have prints made from digital photos.

7, 26, 28, 99. Kept up-to-date
     (Gave away 10 more books)
16. Bought new lamps for upstairs bathroom.
20. Scheduled electrical work for August (to include installation of above lamps).
30. Completed Living Will (and had notarized); downloaded forms for will.
33. Tallied 106 workouts in one year -- just over 2 per week average.
48. Watched 12 movies:
     The Departed
     Stranger than fiction
     Torch song trilogy
     The Axe in the attic (documentary)
     Six feet under (TV: season 4)
     Moonrise Kingdom (theatre)
     Leverage (TV: season 1)
     From Hell
     The Ides of March
     Thank you for smoking
     The Dark Knight rises (theatre)
     10 things I hate about you
      Ed Wood
49. Read 4 books:
     Swamplandia! (Karen Russell)
     The Devotion of Suspect X (Keigo Higashino)
     Maus, v. 1 (Art Spiegelman) [graphic novel]
     What came before he shot her (Elizabeth George)    
59. Booked airfare and hotel for trip to London at Christmas.
      Will meet D#2 and be joined by D#1.
84. Extra contributions: St. Paul's Memorial Garden, Unicef
93. Volunteered to take tickets at Hiway
101. Blog post: Where am I now?

Quilts: finished binding Traditions, finished binding A-Tisket, A-Tasket, quilted Jelly/Fish/Race on QE4, finished top for Rebuilding Philadelphia quilt

Priorities for August:
6/9. Work in basement some more.
18. Work on deck!
20. Have electrical work completed.
21. Schedule gas line installation and buy gas stove.
30. Make will and have notarized.

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