Saturday, August 25, 2012

Visitors -- Part 2: Philly

The day before the Affirmation, all of us gathered for a trip into Philly.   Hopped the train the Center City. Left to right: German daughter, Boyfriend of German daughter, D#2, D#1, and Godson. 

Lunch at Reading Terminal Market, where each of us found something
to our  liking. Finding seating was even harder than deciding what to eat!

Wonderful Friends, D#1, and I took a lengthy stroll to the College of Physicians of Philadelphia where we

visited the Mutter Museum, which calls itself "America's finest museum of medical history."   Since it was the first such museum any of us had seen,  we couldn't say if it is the finest, but it was memorable! 

 Beside the Museum is a welcoming and peaceful  garden, planted with over 60 varieties of medicinal plants, and offering benches on which to rest and relax. 

The younger contingent took the subway to South Street where they enjoyed looking around.

and making new friends.

German daughter and Boyfriend took a return train, while Wonderful Friends, daughters and I grabbed some dinner and then took in an evening show at Comedy Sportz

Reasonably priced, this family-friendly show never fails to elicit howls of laughter!   I think we have a new "in" joke among ourselves "Sploosh!" and I am certain that we will find the hand signal for the "groaner" foul useful in the future.  H/T to D#2 for the suggestion!    We chattered and laughed some more the whole way back on the train!

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