Monday, February 4, 2013

Progress report: month 31 (January 2013)

January had me traveling a lot.  Or at least it felt like it!  Started out recovering from my "British bronchitis", went to DC for the inauguration, spent just two days at home, then off to Seattle for work.  The month also brought me into "Day 940s", so my 1001 days are approaching the end.  Some things on my list are simply not going to get done, whether for lack of time or money.  But I plan to try to complete as much as I can.


7,26,28,33,99,101. Kept up to date.
48. Saw 8 movies:
     Love! Valour! Compassion
     Sherlock (season 1)                    
     Sherlock (season 2)
     Les Miserables (theatre 2x)    
     Pieces of April
     The virgin suicides
     Dick Tracy

49. Read 5 books:
    The beautiful mystery (Louise Penny)
    The museum guard (Howard A. Norman)
    Single state of union (Diane Mapes, ed.)
    Miss American Pie (Margaret Sartor)
    The hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet (Jamie Ford)

Priorities for February (same as January):
71. Finish quilt top and get it quilted.
72. Finish top.
80. Finish quilt photo album. 

Want to put up a couple of posts about my travels.  My goal is to be caught up on those by the end of February. 

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