Friday, April 12, 2013

Progress report: month 33 (March 2013)

Last month of my Day Zero project.  Counted down the days as I went.

71. Finish t-shirt quilt for D#1
72. Finish quilt for D#2's bed
80. Updated quilt photo albums
90. Finished reading Psalms for Lent

7,26,28,33,99,101. Kept up to date.
48. Watched 6 movies:
      Quartet (theatre)
      Poison Ivy
      About last night...
      The reading room
      Call the midwife (season 1)
49. Finished 4 books:
     The book of air and shadows (Michael Gruber) [audio]
     Wolf Hall (Hilary Mantel)
     Ship fever (Andrea Barrett)
     Left neglected (Lisa Genova) [audio]
Extra quilts: finished binding baby quilt for A's new grandson, got two back from long-armer ("Pointless wonder" & "Land of happy endings")

Will do a wrap up post on the whole experience. 

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