Thursday, February 3, 2011

Progress report: month 7 (January 2011)

Mid-way through the month -- January 17 marked the 200th day of this journey -- or 20% of my 1001 days.  At that time, I analyzed what I had accomplished and determined that I had completed about 22% of the items on the list.  I was up-to-date on 9 of my "in process" goals and behind on about the same number.  Not bad. 

25. Sort and file all bills and papers (1/31/11)
37. Had colonoscopy (scheduled 11/19/10; done 1/13/11)
41. Help D#1 get her driver's license. (passed her test on 1/8)
66 & 67. Baby quilts (finished in 12/10, but delivered in 1/11)

In process:
48. Watched 18 (!) movies: some very good, some not (61/125):
      Smilla’s sense of snow
      Kate and Leopold
      Emma [BBC]
      New York, I love you
      The Family Stone
      Because I said so
      Lost in Austen
      Last of the red-hot lovers
      Gods and monsters
      Turn of the screw [BBC]
      Joan Rivers: a piece of work [SHO]
      Jersey girl
      Grey Gardens [HBO]
      St. Elmo’s fire
49. Read 8 books, but ignored 1 YA and counted 2 others as 1
     Also reconsidered counting some earlier "throw-aways"
                     Current total: 17/60, 12/30, 4/10
      Water for elephants (Sara Gruen)
      The Book of time (Guilliame Prevost, not counted)
      Goose in the pond (Earlene Fowler)
      A Small hotel (Robert Olen Butler)
      Lee: A Gesture life (Chang-Rae Lee)
      Mariner’s compass (Earlene Fowler)
      Into the wild (Erin Hunter) [count as 1 with Gaiman]
      The Graveyard book (Neil Gaiman) [count as 1 with Hunter]
60. Ate at a Persian restaurant in San Diego: “Fessenjan”, a stew with chicken,
      ground walnuts, and pomegranates over basmati rice

29. Steps toward divorce. (waiting)
78. Working on a quilt top from scraps. (Rubik's rings)
84. Extra contribution to St. Paul's.
99. Updated blog with progress report (7/7)
101. Wrote one additional blog post about losing our special and wonderful black cat (1/16/11) 

Priorities in February:
  6. Get back to working in basement.
12. Work on more small things around house.
27. Enter checking account data and balance for 2010.
36. Get back to taking vitamins daily.
69. Quilt for CB: add borders and get ready for quilting
74. Quilt for sponsored child: add borders and get ready for quilting
89. Give blood (signed up for 2/21)
93. Start volunteer project.

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