Sunday, December 4, 2011

Progress report: month 17 (November 2011)

No new "completes" but still moving along:

7, 26, 28. Kept up-to-date
33. Went to gym 3 times most weeks
48. Watched 5 movies -- nothing memorable:
      You again
      The Break-up
      A Midsummer night's sex comedy
      The Dead zone
      The Prestige (I do love Michael Caine in almost anything)
49. Read 3 books (52/60, 34/30, 15/10) [2 YA, counted as 1]
      How the light gets in (M.J. Hyland)
      In search of Mockingbird (Loretta Ellsworth -- YA)
      Fever, 1793 (Laurie Halse Anderson -- YA)
      Shopping malls and other sacred spaces (Jon Pahl)
60. Ate at Moroccan restaurant with friends to celebrate my birthday
84. Extra contribution to League of Women Voters and
      American Heart Association
99. Updated blog post with progress (16 out of 16)
101. Extra blog posts:
      A milestone -- or two
      Forward or backward?
Extra quilts: finished late graduation gift for friend of D#2 (owls)
                   finished baby quilt for former vicar

With Christmas, New Year's and daughters home for vacation of various durations, other activities will likely take precedence, but I think I can finish up:

December priorities:
70. Make 3rd curtain for D#2's room.
75. Cut last box of scrap fabric. 
Extra quilts: Bricks & Stepping Stones: finish binding
                   CFAC "Traditions" charms: add borders to finish top 

Mid course changes:
When I reached Day 500, I decided to re-evaluate my original list and allow myself to alter items if I had decided I no longer wanted to do what I'd originally written.   I resisted the idea of just adding more quilts to the list (wink!) and disciplined myself to stay in the same category. 

24. Remove carpet from rest of house (Home Improvement)
34. Purchase stationery bike for basement (Health)
47. Make photo collage of D#2 for Dr. S. (Family/Friends)
24. Hang photos of daughters in upstairs hall
34. Do 20 mins of machines at LAF at least 3 times a month
47. Go over digital photos and have prints made

As a reward for reading this post, which is irrelevant to all of you.... a more recent photo of my kittens!

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  1. Your kittens get cuter by the week! You forgot to add out magazine mystery to your list!!


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