Thursday, January 19, 2012


Not much, I'm afraid.   Finished the curtain for the downstairs powder room (invisible to all but the most observant casualty).  The wallpaper has a ocean/fish motif in blue and purple on white, resembling sponging, so I added a curtain from a leftover piece of whimsical fish on pink.

During our last not-really-a-Quilt-Day group sew-in, I finished the blocks for this bright-scraps-and-white log cabin, for which most of the blocks came from an exchange.  The top is together now and I hope to put borders on during the UDLC Quilt Day in about a week.

Off on a trip for work for a few days. Not much to do in the evenings in Dallas, so I plan to spend serious quality time catching up on my reading.  When I get home, now that both daughters are safely ensconced in their respective abodes for this semester, I should have some more time to sew!   Looking forward to it!

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