Saturday, September 1, 2012

Visitors -- Part 4: Taking leave

D#2 was scheduled to work on Tuesday, when Wonderful Friends were scheduled to leave.  So, of course, we met for breakfast at Fil-a-Bagel! 

We've been connected for so long, it is so comforting when we are able to reaffirm that connection.   In 2011, Wonderful Friends (sans Godson) came to D#1's college graduation and we three went to Ohio for Godson's high school graduation.  This year, they came to Pennsylvania.  Looks like next year, it's our turn to go west.   I've always loved this photo of me flanked by Godson (left of photo) and D#2 (right).

Here's now it looks now:

May God be with all of us 'till we meet again.  And a massive hug to Godson!

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