Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Progress report: month 1 (May 2019)

Got off to a good start on my goals! 

2. Sort/discard... goal of 10 per month:  Got rid of 30.
5. Clean/reorganize garage: Project started.
35. Go to gym 3-4 times a week: Did this for the part of the month that I was home.
36. Teeth & vitamins: I give myself a B+ for this.  Not perfect, but better than before.
38. Swim 10 time per summer: 1 time
43. Book group: Missed May meeting for travel, but reading book.
45. Uvulati: Attended May meeting.
46. Hearts and Hands: Attended May meeting (my first).
49. Watch 150 movies: Watched 9.
     Cat Ballou
     Amazing Grace (theatre)
     November Man
     Long Hot Summer
     Travels With My Aunt
     On the Basis of Sex
     Mary Poppins Returns
     The Upside
     A Star is Born
50.  125 books, including 20 that I own: Read 7, one owned.
     Long Black Veil (Boylan) [Reading Challenge 2019]
     My Brother's Husband (Tagame) [Reading Challenge 2019]
     Catwoman: When in Rome (Graphic novel) [Reading Challenge 2017]
     The Awakening (Chopin) [Previous book group + own]
     Sisters of Glass Ferry (Richardson) [audio]
     Friday Night Lights (Bissinger) [Reading Challenge 2017]
     Prospero's Daughter (Nunez) [Reading Challenge 2015]
58. New ethnic cuisines: Japanese
65. Visit 6 new states: Went to two (Alaska and Oregon)*
94. Gratitude journal: Started and up-to-date.
97. Write 2 blog posts plus progress report: Up-to-date with this one.
99. Road Scholar Civil Rights tour: Paid deposit.

Full disclosure: I knew I'd be visiting these two states when I was making my list, which is why I chose the goal of visiting 6, so that it would be a stretch.  Also, could have counted this trip as #61 (go somewhere we hadn't been before with D#1), but I'm hoping to go someplace else with her before the 1001 days are up.


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