Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Making a list

Checking it twice, three times constantly. 

Quilt retreat at White Oak is this coming weekend!   I'm riding to Strasberg with Pat so I can leave my car for D#2 who is home for spring break.  And because it would be hard to find better company (much less a better roomie) than Pat!

Time to make my list of projects for the weekend!

#1 -- Top priority is to finish a tesselated stars begun at my very first White Oak retreat (2002 or 2003).  When I started it, the plan was to make a queen-size bed quilt for myself.  I set it aside in favor of other projects and it became one of my (now three) true UFOs.*  I have re-thought it in a smaller size (generous throw) as a birthday gift for one of my oldest friends.  Like all of us, he's getting even older -- his surprise 60th birthday party is in April.  The fabrics are William Morris repros, chosen originally because I love all things "Bill", but also perfect for "old friend", who is deeply enamoured of the Arts & Crafts style.  He and his partner live in a 20's bungalow with gorgeous custom built oak bookcases and furniture, including a gas fireplace with special order A&C-style tiles, and a cabinet with unique stained glass doors.  Scrumptious!  Have about half the blocks done already. Gotta finish the top so I can scoot it right off to long-armer and get it back, bound and photographed before party! 

#2 -- Next I need to set my set of "Almost Amish" swap blocks into a top as a wedding gift for the daughter of a work colleague.  I work in a small office with just six employees, and, while we do not constitute a social group, this colleague has been a blessing to me in a number of ways, especially since I've been on my own.   He helps me take the seats in and out of my car when I have to haul "stuff" to and from colleges, and is my ride when I need to leave my car at the garage for any reason.   I attended the wedding of his older daughter several years ago and made a quilt for a wedding gift.   This daughter will be married in Virginia, so I do not expect to be invited, nor can I attend, but I can send a gift.  Don't know much about their taste, but this should be a classic looking quilt so I'm hoping it will suit.

#3 -- If I can get to it, I want to finish my Rubik's Rings -- another UFO.  I'd pulled it out a couple of years ago (fall '08, if memory serves) -- long enough to determine that all my work setting it on point was useless because the blocks were totally symmetrical and the "frame" they really need can't happen if they're on point.

So I took it apart -- down to rows -- and have made enough more blocks for a queen-size quilt!   If  I get to work on it.  Fingers crossed...

*UFO = UnFinished Object   My personal definition is something started and set aside for a long time.  Last remaining UFO is the t-shirt quilt that was supposed to be a high school graduation gift for D#1 who graduates from college in May.  Projects that were never started don't qualify, no matter how long they've been on my "to do" list.  Nor do sets of swap blocks, whatever the length of time they've been waiting to be put together.  YMMV. 

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  1. I LOVE that Rubic's Rings!!!! During the ride, you must educate me as to what tesselated means, and why your stars are doing that.


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