Friday, March 18, 2011

Quilt retreat: March 2011

As usual, an excellent summary of the retreat was posted promptly by Nancy,  before I even had a chance to put my projects and machine back into the sewing room.   But, as soon as I arrived home, D#2 and I jumped into "Violet" (my purple/aubergine/plum) PT Cruiser to take her back to college, a drive of about an hour each way.  By the time I got home to stay,  I was so tired -- time change weekend is always a PITA for me -- that I didn't move a thing until Monday! 

Bobbi brought this sweet finished top along for show-and-tell.  IIRC, it was meant to be an auction quilt for her church, but that was changed by later developments.

You see, my esteemed roomie (and partner in traveling and shopping),  Pat is also a collector of gizmos and gadgets.  Very generously, she brought along her "Go! Fabric Cutter"  in case anyone wanted to try it out.  Naturally everyone wanted to play with it.   A couple of us, including Bobbi, were so taken with it that new projects were begun on the spot!

Bobbi started a bright, cheery new top using the die that cuts tumbler shaped pieces.

[photo borrowed from Nancy's blog, since I forgot to take a picture]

Though I'd brought three projects to work on (ambitious, much?), I only got to work on one, but it was my top priority.  I started with these 12 blocks and an assortment of William Morris fabrics:

By Sunday, it was complete, except for top and bottom borders, which I'd cut but didn't have time to attach.

In the photo, it's laid out with the unsewn borders beside the almost completed top.  I attached the last border strips this week and hope to take it to the quilter this weekend.   It's a birthday gift and the party is April 10, so I need to get it finished ASAP!

Pat's birthday was this Wednesday and we surprised her by an impromptu (early) celebration when we returned from Saturday evening dinner.  Nancy brought a chocolate-lover's chocolate cake; Pat cut; we all enjoyed!

I had previously finished all the extra blocks for my Rubik's Rings, but didn't have time to work on it.  Did take a picture though.

I'm in no great hurry to get this quilted (though I'd love to get the top completed), as I think it's going to be mine. 


  1. A FINE report! Someday I want a Rubik Ring quilt, too . . . .

  2. The retreat looks like such fun! Love the William Morris quilt and the Rubik Ring. Now I want to both of them--more additions to my already long list of "someday" quilts.

  3. What a great blog. Just had to drop in and let you know your comment on today's posting over at Nancy's cracked me up. What happens outside…

    hee! What a hoot. ;) Look forward to visiting you more often. *karendianne.


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