Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Progress report: month 8 (February 2011)

February is my least-favorite month of the year, as it marks the birthdates and deathdates of several loved ones, not to mention over-hyped "Valentine's Day".   Thankfully, it is also the shortest month of the year!   On top of that, February 2010 was the worst month for snow last winter.  I was afraid of a 2011 repeat, following a January in which we were clobbered every few days.  Fortunately, my fears were for naught.  

27.  Enter checking account data, balance account.  (done 2/28/11)
88.  Do something pro-active for eating disorders awareness.
      (Washington DC NEDA walk on 2/20; raised over $450)

In process:
48. Watched 8 movies (69/125):
      The Truth about cats and dogs    
      Strictly ballroom (LOVED it!)          
     A Single man (Colin Firth = Excellent)          
     The Bucket list (Morgan Freeman ++)          
     It’s complicated           
     La Vie en rose (in French; English subtitles)           
     The Woodsman (disturbing subject but great performance by Kevin Bacon)
 49. Read 3 books (20/60, 16/30, 3/10):
     Seven sisters (Earlene Fowler)
     Arkansas traveler (Earlene Fowler)
     This is not chick lit (Elizabeth Merrick, ed.)
89. Gave blood  (1/3)

29. Steps toward divorce. (still waiting...)
36. Get back to taking vitamins daily.
54. Go to NYC [or Philadelphia] for play or musical once a year.
      (Lantern Theatre Company in Philly for "A Skull in Connemara")
84. Extra contribution to F.E.A.S.T.
99. Updated blog with progress report (8/8)
101. Wrote two additional blog posts: Egypt (2/6) and NEDA walk (2/14)

Priorities in March:
  6. Get back to working in basement.
12. Work on more small things around house.
17. Begin to plan plantings in front and back yards.
69. Quilt for CB: add borders and get ready for quilting
(Two other quilts that weren't on my list have been added and their completion has taken priority over #74.  One is for a relative who has had surgery for uterine cancer.  The other is destined for a friend with a special birthday in April.  Serious illness has also struck that family.)  
93. Start volunteer project.

In March, I am looking forward to having my daughters home for spring break followed by a White Oak quilt retreat! 

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