Sunday, February 12, 2012


Spent most of the weekend sewing!   As I chronicled on my last post, the A.D.Q.D.** had infected me badly, but I did manage to finish the bright-and-white log cabin top, and even made the binding.  I also pin-basted a smallish top which was made from a "Traditions" charm pack from "Collections for a Cause."  I had had assistance from Sassy.

Saturday morning, I returned to the dozen extra William Morris tesselated stars which I'd put on the design wall (yes, I have one now!!!).  Found another Bill that worked with the colors in the blocks and finished the top with a simple border.

Even made the binding out of some dark brown.   (The photo below is a bit over-exposed.  The colors are darker and richer "in person.")

Then I did some SERIOUS cutting!   First the pieces for Part II of the mystery quilt.  These were "set aside for the next step."  (Colors are truer in the top photo, though a little less yellow than here.)

There are 64 of those tan rectangles, 36 of the small green, and a dozen (total) of the other 2 green rectangles.  I also cut and sewed the pieces per this issue's instructions.  Part II is now done.

Next, I dug out the strips of white and yellow I'd sewn together in a time of earlier distraction, then pressed them open and cut them into 2-patches which I plan to use as leader-enders for a start to the "Land of Happy Endings" yellow, white, and purple quilt.  Sassy offered her assistance.


Finally, I arranged all 35 Asian anvils on the wall.  Sassy helped again.

Got the entire top sewn together, pulled a black-on-black for a thin inside border and and binding, and found several possible Asians for a medium width outside border.  Those will be added at Quilt Day on Saturday.

 A satisfying -- and productive -- weekend!  Wish I had another one right away.

*What I've Been Working On
**Attention Deficit Quilting Disorder


  1. I am SO impressed! And the anvils are stunning.

  2. Wowzer, Lady, you have been goin' to town!! Love the anvils, love the tesselating stars, love the Collections for a Cause, and love the pretty yellow leader-enders. Have you been taking quilting vitamins and drinking sewing juice?


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