Thursday, February 2, 2012

Progress report: month 19 (January 2012)

Sometimes it feels like I'm not getting
anywhere, though not for lack of effort! 
January was one of "those" months
when it seemed like everything was a
moving target.   D#2 was home for the
first few weeks, then, within 48 hours:
I took her back to school, D#1 arrived,
and I drove HER back to DC.   At the
end of that week, I was off to Dallas
and it took the next week to get my
bearings being alone at home again!   
Settling back in and trying to focus.  

49. Read 60 books (including 30 I own and 10 from library) Already finished
      subcategories but read 60th in January!
60. Eat at restaurants with 3 new ethnic cuisines. Ate ostrich steak in Dallas 

7,26,28. Kept up-to-date.
33. Went to gym (most weeks).
48. Watched 6 movies:
      Run, Lola, Run
      Water for elephants
      Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy (theatre)
      Six feet under (TV: season 3)
      Never let me go
      Easy A
49. Read 7 books: (63/60, 38/30, 22/10)
      Tab Hunter, confidential  (Tab Hunter)
      Still life (Louise Perry)
      Fatal grace (Louise Perry)
      My American unhappiness (Dean Bakopoulos) [#60]
      The Cruelest month (Louise Perry)
      Never let me go (Kazuo Ishiguro)
      Fate and Ms Fortune (Saralee Rosenberg)
84. Extra contribution to ELCA Good Gifts
99. Updated blog post with progress (19 out of 19)
101. 3 blog posts: 
      A 2012 mystery [quilt]
      Mid-winter conference in Dallas

Priorities for February (* = repeated from January):
6/9. *Back to basement and books
12. *Small things around house (almost done!)
51. Go to movies alone.
89. Give blood once a year (2012 opportunity)
90. Read the Bible daily during Lent (Ash Wednesday is February 22)
96. *Learn to load music on my MP3 player (started in December) 
Extra quilts: Finish buttons and binding on child's hospice quilt
                   Have ME quilt Rubik's Rings

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