Thursday, April 19, 2012

That toddlin' town

I'll show you around.

 My hotel was on the Chicago River, not far from Lake Michigan.  The exhibit hall (where I spent my days) was on the same level as a river walkway, accessible from the hotel.  A pleasant place to sit and relax, though it was bit chilly.

Don't know why Marilyn was here -- on Michigan Avenue right next to the river,  Whoever made this didn't get the face quite right, though.

Lovely plantings in the middle of the Magnificent Mile.  Thousands of tulips in various color arrangements.   I couldn't help but wonder what will replace them when they are through blooming. 

Monday's dinner: risotto with chicken and peas and tiramisu for dessert.   Have I ever said how much I love tiramisu?  (Yes I started dessert before I remembered to take a photo.)

Tuesday dinner at the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Tower.  Food was excellent, though I was prepared for less, given the "destination" nature of the restaurant..  No photos of roasted salmon on a bed of lentils and salsify, followed by chocolate pot a creme (rich mousse with whipped cream). 

As for the view... 

Finding an old human-size building in the midst of skyscrapers is always fun.  Downtown Chicago was no different.  A wonderfully Gothic church, complete with an arched ambulatory joining the church to another building.

The Water Tower and Pumping Station were among the few downtown buildings that survived the Great Fire in 1871.  

And, of course, there's the Wrigley Building.

On a previous trip, I took an "architecture" cruise down the Chicago river, with a guide who was studying for her Master's degree in architecture.   I learned a great deal of history of the city, as well as seeing excellent examples of different styles in a city known for its variety.   Worth the time and cost, if you ever have the opportunity.

The view from my hotel room on my last night:

Glad to be home in time to throw a few things in a bag and head off to White Oak this weekend.  Exact opposite type of travel -- driving, casual clothes, no set hours, "off-duty", and, most of all, people I know and love. 

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