Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Progress report: month 21 (March 2012)

At the end of March, slightly less than one full year remains until the end of my Day Zero project.  Though the end isn't really in sight yet, I like to think that this is the view looking back, rather than forward.

12. Small things around house
60. New ethnic cuisines: (had Vietnamese pho in DC)

7,26,28. Kept up-to-date.
33. Went to gym (most weeks).
48. Watched 15(!) movies: (First month of Netflix)
      Pulp fiction           
      Downton Abbey (1st season)
      Better off dead
      An Ideal husband
      Something the Lord made
      An Awfully big adventure
      Say anything
      The Bride wore black
      Midsummer Night’s Dream
49. Read 5 books: (72/60, 41/30, 29/10) [2 were YA, count as 1]
     The Absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian (Sherman Alexie) [YA]
     The Same stuff as stars (Katherine Paterson) [YA]
     The Brutal telling (Louise Perry)
     Bossypants (Tina Fey)
     Caleb's crossing (Geraldine Brooks)
     Assassination vacation (Sarah Vowell)
54. Went to Philadelphia to see "The Mousetrap"
84. Extra contributions to St. Paul's Memorial Garden, St. Paul's
     (Lenten services), additional amount to PlanUSA
90. Read Bible daily during Lent: started on Ash Wednesday with II Chronicles;
      will finish Job before Easter
99. Updated blog post with progress (21 out of 21)
101. Blog posts (3):
      A.two 'fer
      One small step = one large leap
      Flowering trees and pho
Extra quilts: Asian anvils needs only label and photo; mini-Morris ready to bind; blocks done for Amelia Schnibble quilt, 12 granny square blocks done

Priorities for April:
6/9. Back to basement and books (still stuck...)
61. Paducah!  
96. Learn to load music on my MP3 player

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  1. Knew you'd love Netflix! OK, let's say, I knew you'd end up watching a lot of movies on Netflix!

    Have a great time in Paducah.


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